Pre-Broadcast Counselling

Prior to publication and broadcast, media & entertainment companies along with individual authors, writers and filmmakers require legal advice and review of the content and subject of the broadcast and publication. Our prepublication review work consists of all kinds of media including film, television, books (fiction and non-fiction), magazines, websites, blogs and newspapers encompassing every distribution system from electronic to live performances.

The laws applicable, jurisdiction, rights by law, legal risks and possible liability of the publisher arising from the numerous types of media formats are some of the many services we provide to ensure you are protected from any possible legal issue arising out of the publication.  Possible legal issues that may arise include defamation, privacy litigation, privacy liabilities and intellectual property rights and clearance issues. Our team of internationally qualified and experienced lawyers evaluate the international risk issues that may arise given the borderless nature of electronic publication.

Our legal team is dedicated to give you a practical and extensive pre-publication review to ensure you are protected from every possible legal risk. We understand the time-bound nature of our clients work and ensure a quick and efficient process for the same.  To ensure our client’s individual requirements are met, we work with you to evaluate the extent of legal review required. We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable legal team that will work tirelessly to ensure you receive efficient, extensive and quick pre-publication and pre-broadcasting review and counselling.

We Can Help!

Trying to go through the visa application process alone can prove difficult without experienced legal advice. But we are here to help.

Our offices can help you understand any and all legal issues involved in your publication – and give you the tools to handle them. Our comprehensive consultation services work both for specific problems and providing overall legal advice.

At the Law Offices of Akash Kashyap, Esq., we use only the best intellectual property lawyers available, trained and licensed in the US and India. We provide these legal services both through our Indian offices in New Delhi and Gurgaon, as well as online.


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