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Interacting with the media – either as producer, artist, or casual user – comes with a host of legal issues and obligations. The production of media is a multi-tiered process involving many different players – from agents to producers, journalists, publishers, firms, and dozens more. Interacting with so many different parties results in complicated agreements and tangled legal rights. These are made more complex still by the intangible and creative aspect of the material.

Meanwhile, publication of any material – either as a professional publisher, lone author, blogger or casual user of social media raise in a whole host of legal issues. These include defamation, privacy litigation, privacy liabilities and intellectual property rights and clearance issues.

At the Law Office of Akash Kashyap, Esq., we work on both ends of the spectrum – publication and production. We work on consultations, negotiations and agreements for employment, works-for-hire, publication deals, agency deals, performances, collaborations and derivatives. We also provide general and specific advice to clients – including updates on key areas of law, such as the right to information, libel and libel, privacy, legal ethics, groups of relevant court cases, studies from international journals, and more.

We provide services for all kinds of media including film, television, books (fiction and non-fiction), magazines, websites, blogs and newspapers encompassing every distribution system from electronic to live performances. We also provide pre-publication review and counseling for both India and the US – discussing and providing advisory opinions both on legal barriers and social mores relevant to your work.

We use only the best media law lawyers available, trained and licensed in the New York and India. We provide these legal services both through our Indian offices in New Delhi and Gurgaon, as well as online.

Our Media Law Services Include:

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