Immigration Counseling

The first step towards obtaining a visa or protecting one’s rights is identifying what services are needed. But sometimes it is difficult to understand what legal service is necessary to help you.

If you are unaware of your legal options, unsure of any legal difficulties in your way, or just want to check for any opportunities or dangers around you, our immigration counseling can help.Ask one of our legal experts, and they can provide a map of the terrain. Our experts will examine your current legal status – either in response to a specific query, in relation to a specific problem, or as a genuine issues and opportunities analysis.

The length and nature of the immigration counseling can vary based on your needs and direction. The consultation services can go from an informal conversation to a series of detailed legal opinion briefs. The relationship can extend from a one-time consultation to a long-term advisory relationship.

We Can Help!

Understanding the myriad of legal issues involved in immigration law can prove difficult at the best of times. But we are here to help.

Our immigration consultants can explain the applicationprocess and any prerequisites that apply to your unique circumstances – and provide guidance on how best to navigate through the choppy waters of the Indian or Americanimmigration process. We can discuss any and allpermits or waivers needed for a visa application and the procedure for obtaining them.

We provide low cost services and top-notch legal advice to clients for travel to the USA ofevery type and duration – from tourismvisas ormultiple entryvisas forshort term travel, to H1B workand EB-5 investor visa or even a green card.We can also discuss options for spouses or fiancés of applicants and any programs that may apply.

At the Law Offices of Akash Kashyap, Esq., we use only the bestimmigration lawyers available, trained and licensed in the US and India. We provide these legal services both through our New Delhi and Gurgaon offices, as well as online.

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