Piracy and Fair Use

Media has developed to become the most important tool for information, teaching, news reporting, criticism and global connectivity. It is important to balance the rights of thecreators of copyright protected works owners along with the interest of the society by allowing copying of certain content with limited circumstances.

We endeavor to protect both out client’s intellectual propertyrights from infringement by preventing and fighting against piracy as well as their right to fair use. We understand the effort and work put behind the copyright content of our clients and their need to protect the same from piracy. Our expert legal team endeavors to fight against and protect you from piracy of your copyright work.

There is a fine line between piracy and fair use. In today’s world, media has become the primary medium to spread information, research and awareness. We understand that to teach, write, report, criticize or research, access to and ability to copy a certain limited amount of this information is vital. We help our clients retain their right to fair use and inform you of all possible liabilities, laws applicable, legal issues and jurisdiction. If accused of piracy, we ensure you are given a strong and effective defense.

We Can Help!

Trying to go through the process of enforcing your intellectual property rights alone can prove difficult without experienced legal advice. But we are here to help.

Our offices can help with the process of handling these cases – whether in the form of cease and desists, takedown notices, DMCA violations, patent trolls, or other copyright infringement cases. We also provide comprehensive consultation services – both for specific cases and overall legal advice.

At the Law Offices of Akash Kashyap, Esq., we use only the best intellectual property lawyers available, trained and licensed in the USA and India. We provide these legal services both through our Indian offices in New Delhi and Gurgaon, as well as online.

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