Employment Visas

Employment opportunities are the most common cause behind long-term travel to the United States. The US provides a wealth of jobopportunities for professionals and skilled employees that cannot be matched by local economies.

But for a foreigner to work in the US, they need a valid employment-based visa, which confers upon the holder the relevant work permit.For those not looking to permanently immigrate or become an Americancitizen, there are a variety of non-immigrant visas that confer work permit status.

At the Law Offices of Akash Kashyap, Esq., we work with clients to put together the best visaapplication possible and work with them to ensure the best results for the application.

Explore Your Options

While many are aware only of the basic H1B and business visas, there are many other options for an employment visa available.

The options available to non-immigrantemployment based applicants include, but aren’t limited to:

Different types of visa are provided for different purposes, and have different requirements and rights attached. Each applicant is suited best for one type of visa – and finding the appropriate visa is key to a successful application.

A Difficult Process

Counseling - While many unlicensed agents and amateurs attempt an ‘one size fits all’approach, this is a surefire way to confuse clients and lead to foolhardy mistakes. It’s important to approach every case individually – to understand the risks and options available to each client, and match each prospective traveler to the right visa. A strong case for admission becomes instantly dismissed if under the wrong visa program. Our immigration experts will work with you to identify the best option for your unique circumstances, and help walk you through the procedure for application.

Application - Once you’ve identified the right visa for you and your situation, you can begin the application process. However, the application process is very incredibly intricate and detail-oriented. With hundreds of thousands of visa applications flowing through the consulates, the smallest mistake or misstatement can be grounds for rejection – and even bar future applications. Trying to go through the process alone, or with the sole guidance of unlicensed agents and amateurs greatly increases the chances of such mistakes – and makes rejection much more likely.

Our licensed and trained attorneys can help - working with you to send the most complete, most accurate application possible, and sending it in the form and manner the consulates can process properly. Our attorneys can also work with you to obtain any waivers or affidavits needed to support your application.

Follow Up - After submitting an application to the consular officers, the visa application process truly begins. The consular officer weighs your application, consults with required departments and officials, and formulates a view of your case. There is usually a mandatory interview for this process, regardless of visa type or application strength. Depending on the application, they may ask for further information or evidence in the form of a Request For Evidence (RFE) orders or hide additional scrutiny under the catchall ‘administrative processing’.

Our immigration attorneys can help with this follow up process - explaining the opaque processes behind the scenes, peek behind departmental smokescreens and form responses, and work with you to ensure the application is processed as fast as possible.

We also help to comply with Request For Evidence (RFE) orders, communicated with the concerned officials directly, and help walk you through the interview process through counseling or mock interviews.

Appeal - In case your application has been rejected, there are still many options to explore. There may be the option to appeal the rejection, or to obtain the rationale behind the rejection for future use. There are also ways to reapply – both for a similar visa, or one more likely to succeed. We can help walk through the post-rejection process, illuminate your options, and follow through with the consulate.

We Can Help!

Trying to go through the visa application process alone can prove difficult without experienced legal advice. But we are here to help you apply for the right visa with the best application possible.

Our offices can help with the process of applying for the right employment visa for you – whether in the form of immigration counseling, guiding through the application process, or helping with further requests for information and evidence. We also provide comprehensive review services for denied applications – helping with any appeal options or alternative application processes.

At the Law Offices of Akash Kashyap, Esq., we use only the best immigration lawyers available, trained and licensed in the USA and India. We provide these legal services both through our Indianoffices in New Delhi and Gurgaon, as well as online.

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